Mie Prefecture
For centuries, Japanese people from all over the country have made once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimages to the Ise Grand Shrine to worship and experience the sacred ritual and dance known as “kagura”. For those that could not make it to Ise to experience kagura first hand, troupes like Yamamoto Kandaya would tour the lengths of Japan on foot and bring this experience to them…
Campaign Staff:

Producer: Adrian Grey
Associate Producer: Paula Berwanger
Campaign Creative Director: Tom Slemmons
Research and writing: Nick Dwyer
Post Production Supervisor: Brandon Strack
Translation: Kaci Lewis, Tony Nakajima, Yoko Hanai, Hinako Inoue

Fukui Production Staff:

Directed by: Tom Slemmons
Camera: Waku Shoji, Christopher Shepperd
Sound: Skirmantas “Spider” Ivanauskas
Editor: Waku Shoji

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