Fukui Prefecture
For more than 1,500 years, artisans in the town of Echizen, Fukui Prefecture have been making their own unique variation of traditional Japanese paper known as washi – all processed by hand and in the same manner for centuries. Iwano Ichibei is the 9th generation in his family of papermakers and his washi is considered by many as the greatest in Japan.
Campaign Staff:

Producer: Adrian Grey
Associate Producer: Paula Berwanger
Campaign Creative Director: Tom Slemmons
Research and writing: Nick Dwyer
Post Production Supervisor: Brandon Strack
Translation: Kaci Lewis, Tony Nakajima, Yoko Hanai, Hinako Inoue

Fukui Production Staff:

Directed by: Tom Slemmons
Camera: Waku Shoji, Christopher Shepperd
Sound: Skirmantas “Spider” Ivanauskas
Editor: Waku Shoji

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